Kids Cozy Cat Costume

Kids Cozy Cat Costume

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Let’s face it. Humans only have so much time left as the dominant beings on this planet. Cats will be ruling the world in 10–15 years time (maybe 20 if we can enact our great ball of yarn distraction plan that we’ve been working on). We think it’s best to prepare your child for the inevitable right now, which is why we recommend teaching your child how to blend in with their soon to be feline overlords. You must teach them how to purr, how to nap in sunbeams and how to chase after string. Of course, your child is going to need a proper disguise, which is where we come in!

This Kids Cozy Cat Costume has an adorable look based on your favorite feline friend (overlord). With cute kitty ears attached to the hood and signature calico colors, your little one will be meowing for joy in no time.

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Hooded jumpsuit has stuffed fuzzy ears on hood and front zipper
  • Also included is a detachable tail with velcro and appliqued black and tan spots
  • Jumpsuit
  • Tail