Women’s Sexy Goldfish Costume

Women’s Sexy Goldfish Costume

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They say that goldfish only get as big as their environment. That’s important to remember when you’re out floundering around in costume, because it’s imperative that you be in an environment where you can thrive. Step out of your itty bitty bowl and take a dive into an exotic tank, one filled with bright coral and other aquatic beauties. Who cares if you’re just a goldfish? You deserve to be in a fancy tank because you are by far the fanciest fish anyone has ever seen. Step aside koi and betta, a flashy goldfish is swimming on through! You’ll be the sassiest shimmery sea creature and you’ll feel great swishing your tail fin back in forth in your new glamorous tank.

This sexy goldfish costume is anything but fishy; it’s fabulous. With a shimmery orange leotard, you’ll turn heads. The leotard has iridescent fabric that hangs from the bottom to make it look like you have a tail. The arm bands also incorporate the same shiny type of fabric and they look like your fins. The ankle cuffs use a Velcro tab and hang around your feet so no matter what heels you wear, they will match your whole costume. The included headpiece has fins and silly googly fish eyes! We recommend picking up the hot orange wig so you can be orange from head to toe!

  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Romper has back zipper, elastic in top edge & leg openings, halter strap that hooks behind neck
  • Fabric has metallic fish-scale print; sheer panels at hips form tutu skirt
  • Arm cuffs & ankle cuffs have elastic bands in top edges
  • Goldfish face w/ googly eyes is attached to plastic headband
  • Tutu Romper
  • Headband
  • Pair of Arm Cuffs
  • Pair of Ankle Cuffs